The decision you take today, right now, regarding your children will have an accumulated impact on their tomorrow. So give your children a head start in life by gifting them a future at INDIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL, a school with a global vision providing real - life education where the wonder years of your children are shaped in such a way that they become confident independent individuals.

We believe children are like tender soft clay and most importantly malleable. When you plan to take them real early in their lives, every bit of knowledge imparted by their teacher is comparable to the masterful touches of a skilled potter. As without education child is like a marble in the quarry which shows none of its inherent beauties till the skill of the polisher/teacher fetches out the colors and makes the surface shine to be later known as his character.

"Nothing succeeds like success". But the success comes after a careful planning and execution carried out through out the session. For attaining the success, the dedicated staff & committed management make continuous efforts. The combined efforts of all of us could light the fire for the good of the generation.